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Bucuti & Tara, Aruba

Are you ready for a virtual vacation, that is until we can turn your virtual experience into a reality once traveling is safe again? Please journey with us through the alphabet as we highlight our top destinations and resorts from A to Z.

Firstly, we are kicking it off with our favorite island of Aruba! So, take a pause to envision your virtual vacation on the white, pristine sand of Eagle Beach! Next, we will feature one of the most romantic resorts we offer in our curated portfolio called Bucuti and Tara! Our picture above shows that they were already giving guests ample space to spread out for privacy even before COVID-19!

Secondly, with our key partnership with First Class Aruba Experience, envision your extraordinary VIP airport arrival and departure experience which sets the tone for your virtual vacation. https://youtu.be/eYv1yxrodOE

Thirdly, our relationship with key Destination Management Companies like De Palm Tours will ensure your days are filled with exploration, cultural engagement and extraordinary eats!

Excitedly, we hope you will enjoy our alphabetical destination and resort journey in our travel blog. We are here for you!

We specialize in individual romantic couples along with large group trips to this island. From family or class reunions to corporate meetings and conferences to healthy spa retreats, Travel and Events Extraordinaire, is your certified, one-stop travel logistics and events management company.

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Written by Anne M. Smith 7/15/2020