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Anne Smith, Good Travels Advisor, Your Guide to Making a Difference



Find your guide to a new world of meaningful experiences:

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Some of our most powerful connections come alive through giving ~ volunteering in your community, donating to a cause, or being inspired by people who make the world a better place:

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This is where Travel & Events Extraordinaire comes in.
As your local Good Travels Advisor, we help you achieve the same meaningful experience when you travel.


Good Travels Advisors are trained in the basics of good travel giving and volunteering such as:


Find and fund a new cause:


Good Travels Advisor Steps for Making a Difference by Giving Back



Finding a volunteering project—and for being a good volunteer:


Explore Meaningful Volunteer Experiences


Ideas for engaging your entire family…


Explore Meaningful Volunteer Experiences for Families



Helping places you love after a disaster:




What other travelers are doing…


Tips for Being a Responsible Traveler